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Annual Event

An event that - in one fell swoop - combats screen time, childhood obesity, anxiety and depression, teaches kids how to become financially independent, educates the community on climate change, and introduces kids to the cutting edge careers in our green energy space that Maine is so uniquely positioned to benefit from.

We create amazing collaborations amongst professionals in all these areas to educate our community, Together!

What is Together all about?






30,000' to Ground Level View

Together changes the life trajectories of all those who participate.  It is founded in giving back; founded in love; founded in selflessness.  It is driven by the forces of gratitude and appreciation, created and managed by folks who recognize how lucky they are.  It is everything we wish this world to be.  


It is a one-of-a-kind, admission-free, annual event bringing together passionate environmental, financial & health educators, public & private leadership, and children all in one space, providing education, inspiration & more. It is an amazing, inspirational gathering and collaboration amongst our passionate leadership at all levels - hence, Together.


Together focuses on 3 major epidemics our society is facing:  kids on screens, climate change & financial illiteracy (the lack of financial mentors instilling the habits of financial success in our youth).

At Together, we'll have pediatricians and behavioral health professionals speaking on the impact of social media and screen time on kids - and how to combat it; financial experts speaking to mentors on the habits of financially successful people - and how to instill them in kids; experts on climate change talking about the local, national & global implications - and what we can do; and experts from our outdoor community, from Maine Guides to leaders in our aquaculture and green energy fields, unveiling the amazing career opportunities that Maine is so uniquely positioned to benefit from.   

These professionals, these experts in their respective fields, are chosen based on their selflessness - their desire to give back; their desire to help others; their desire to pass on their passion for living.  Here you will meet some truly amazing people who will teach you more in 15 minutes than you would have otherwise learned in a lifetime - and that is not an overstatement.  That will happen in at least several areas as you browse.

But - most of all - we'll have passionate outdoorsmen, outdoorswomen & KIDS introducing other kids to their outdoor passion!  Kids and kids-at-heart will man tables representing over 20 outdoor passions!  These people recognize how lucky they were to  have a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, introduce them to the great outdoors, and they want to share their passion! 

Did you know...



  • The average kid is on screens about 8 hours DAILY!

  • People are more disconnected from nature than EVER BEFORE!

  • Childhood anxiety, depression, suicide, obesity, diabetes have SKYROCKETED!




  • The Gulf of Maine is warming more quickly than 97% of all other bodies of water on Earth!

  • The opportunity to showcase cutting edge careers - green energy, aquaculture - is greater than ever before!

  • Maine is uniquely positioned to benefit - but the risk is not acting quickly enough!




  • You can be smart, brilliant even, but if you do not develop good habits, you are toast (Allagash-speak).

  • You don't decide your future; you decide your habits, and your habits decide your future.

  • What percentage of kids do you think have instilled in them habits that lead to tremendous financial independence?


At Together, we will:


1- Educate parents, kids, mentors & leadership on the impact of social media and screen time on kids.


2- Educate kids, mentors & leadership on the local, national & global impact of climate change.


3- Educate kids, mentors & leadership, demystifying the habits of financially successful people and showing them how to instill such habits in the youth they oversee and interact with daily.


4- Introduce kids, mentors & leadership to over 20 outdoor passions (examples include: rockhounding, shed hunting, metal detecting, spin, bait, flycasting/fishing, gold panning, ice fishing, land & sea foraging, hiking, skiing, camping, canoeing, kayaking, trolling, small game hunting, big game hunting) & inspire them to be more active, to fall in love with an outdoor passion.


5- Unveil and showcase to our youth the amazing, cutting edge career opportunities in green energy, aquaculture & other industries that Maine is so uniquely positioned to benefit from.





































If you have questions, input, would like to volunteer, would like to present, would like to be involved in any way, shape or form, please contact me.


This is about spreading knowledge, bringing people Together, embracing these challenges Together, and taking action Together.  Education, awareness & leadership IS the solution to these epidemics, these crises.


I'm doing my part.  All I'm asking is for those who care to do theirs.  Only Together will we win the war.  And it needs to be waged aggressively, NOW.




2024 Minimum Attendance Goals


           BGCs                                         100

           Teen Centers                       100

           Ethnic Groups                     100

           Schools                                   500




           Superintendents               5

           Principals                               20

           Teachers                                50

           Parents                                    200

           Mentors                                   100

           Organizations                     25

           Political                                    25

           State (IFW, DMR, MDOE) 15




           Climate Change                  5

           Financial Literacy               5

           Social Media & Screens   5

           Outdoor Passions               20




          Climate Change                   3

          Financial Literacy                3

          Social Media & Screens    3

          Outdoor Passions                5


Want to Learn More?

George Gooley, aka Allagash George

Executive Director

Passion For Life - 501(C)(3)

245 Broadway # 101

South Portland, ME 04106


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