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A Message from Our Founder
Every second of my personal and professional existence has led me to this moment, creating an organization that can have such a significant impact on so many.  -  George Gooley, Founder


Did anyone ever introduce you to something, and you’re glad they did?  For me, it was my father and grandfather introducing me to the outdoors.  Today, the outdoors is such a huge part of what I love and who I have become. This is why I created Passion For Life, to introduce kids to the amazing outdoors.


The problem is that too many kids are inside on their electronics. We need more outside in our natural world – but so few are exposed to it. Many have single parents – mom’s and dad’s who are just trying to make ends meet. Many also have parents who were never exposed themselves, not knowing how to cast, paddle, glide across the snow, or even hike a mountain.


And yet it has become obvious that we’re going to need all the future stewards we can get of our natural world. I don’t know about you, but I think the Earth is kinda great. Mars sounds fantastic, but I think we ought to focus on taking care of our home here. But how can we expect our natural world to be preserved when so many of our future leaders haven’t been exposed? The reality, so eloquently put by Baba Dioum, is that, “In the end, we only conserve what we love. We will love only what we understand. We will understand only what we are taught.”


Passion For Life creates this needed awareness and appreciation of our outdoors, raises stewards of our environment, tomorrow's leaders, at a time when such couldn't be more greatly needed. We foster an active, healthy lifestyle and an invaluable appreciation and passion for life.

The short and long-term social and economic benefits are immense.  Happier, healthier, more active kids.  Lowering state attrition, obesity & suicide rates.  Combating the diabetes epidemic.  More kids gravitating to environmental fields. Our future leaders protecting what they love, whether at the polls, in active advocacy, or other engagement.


This non-profit is my way of doing what I love most, sharing my passion for life with the world. And I hope to make a difference in many lives. My love of the outdoors has created a person that today is a great steward of our lands, makes environmentally conscious decisions at the polls, and more than anything has given me an appreciation for life, a passion for existing, and an inner peace and spirituality, a connection to something greater. All because I was lucky enough to be introduced to the outdoors by passionate, selfless people who discovered in life that giving is so much better than getting.

Please join me in my goal of impacting 2,250 kids annually here in Maine alone, transforming this already great place into one even greater.  And these children will someday impact not just Maine, but the world. This is a seed that has both immediate impact AND grows something great.  Today's kids are tomorrow's leaders and we need more who are passionate about living and passionate about our environment!

George Gooley, Founder





























The most impactful way to protect our natural environment is to develop passion in our youth for our natural environment. –  George Gooley, Founder

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