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Did you know
  • Kids are on screens 7 - 9 hours a day!
  • Many kids are overweight, anxious, depressed & even suicidal.
  • Children are carrying this sedentary lifestyle and disconnection with nature into adulthood, creating a troubling national trend for the future of conservation, our economy, and the health & wellness of our communities.
  • The average American is poorly prepared for life success, not having mentors who instill good habits or a framework for success at an early age. We build a foundation for success, instilling confidence, building self esteem & resiliency, teaching good communication skills, the importance of a routine, and even de-mystifying money management, showing kids how to to build the foundation for life success there as well.
Our MissioN 
We get kids off screens, foster an appreciation for nature, introduce them to some really cool outdoor passions, build self confidence & resiliency, and give them the framework needed for life success.


This Includes:
Getting kids off screens and hooked on the outdoors is our #1 passion!
Gold panning, ice fishing, metal detecting (treasure hunting!), shed hunting (deer antlers), antique bottle hunting (so much fun!), land & sea foraging, lobstering, clamming, boating, fishing, hiking and more!
We even educate the kids on the impact of climate change!
  • Rumi - The Three Gates
  • Brene Brown / Harriet Lerner - The Nine Essential Ingredients of a True Apology
Rumi 3 Gates.jpg
Brene Brown.jpg
We help kids understand the financial decisions they'll be faced with and how to tackle them.  Our education centers around teaching the habits of financially successful people.
Your Habits Decide Your Future_edited.jpg
George Gooley
Allagash George
Founder - Passion For Life
Who Taught You How to Manage Your Finances?
Our founder spent over 20 years teaching his clients and their children money management skills. 
Who Introduced You to the Outdoors?
Our founder also spent over 20 years introducing his clients and their children to outdoor passions.
He credits his love of the outdoors and connection with nature as a key to his physical, mental & spiritual health.  
His favorite thing is sharing his passion and knowledge of the outdoors, helping kids reap the benefits of nature.
George and his team were amazing teachers with a wealth of knowledge and patience that made the experience an unforgettable one for both me and my son.
- Regina Montefeltri, Single Parent - Cape Elizabeth


The kids loved George and immediately wanted him back.

He kept them fully engaged and did a great job simplifying what for many is a complicated topic.

- Christina Byther, Teacher - Westbrook High School Compass Academy

My son left the experience being the happiest I had seen him in a long while.
On the way home he commented, “This was the best day ever!”
- Simone Yamauchi, Single Parent - Kennebunk
If it weren’t for my dad introducing me to the great outdoors, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.
I don’t think there’s anything more valuable, more life changing, than getting kids off electronics and into nature.  And there’s so much here in our backyard that most kids never discover.
- Joe Capozza, Volunteer - Falmouth
I was interested in everything he talked about and would like him to come back.
- 9th Grade Student
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