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Sacrificing People and Lives

Who are these people that are holding us all in stalemate?

Killing the spirit of the Americas, the Chinese are now the number one economic power in the world.

Maybe due to NAFDA or have the people of the USA just became lazy.

But that cannot be because the biggest complaint is the lack of opportunity.

So the moral of the story here is the bureaucracy, talkers have beaten down or out the builders of businesses and services that would make our society better.

It seems HumanKIND has been forced to take a back seat to the machinations of the moneychangers. You may have been reading some of the warnings by Senators retiring or others that have jobs where they can see the behind the scenes debauchery and moral bankruptcy.

Exposing people that have positions of duty that are using those positions specifically only for personal gain. Including robbing people and then incarcerating them.

God forbid they openly use, the systems we have in place for our safety, email tracking and reading, cell phone tracking of people, text messaging and openly hacking into anyone's computer to commit crimes against them and then blame them for something nonsensical, thrusting them into a judicial system that they know is overwhelmed or broken because they broke it on purpose so they could rip people off and beat down anyone that wants to protect their families, people and society.

Teaching professional provocation and psychological warfare to the innocent young so they can bring as much damage to us all as they can. Because they are dangerously mentally ill and or morally bankrupt as a result of their pathologies or just general misery of their lives because they themselves are lazy and overwhelmed by things like..."We don't want cars, we want to keep the horse and buggy because we don't want change and are too lazy to allow anything good to happen. Unless you bribe us."

Maybe 30 years ago they were king or Queen dodo and since they cannot be now as a result of their own decisions and delusions they want to take, "force" us all into their misery with them.

That my friends would be a third world nation.

When will we start dealing with the hundreds or thousands of terrorists acts that happen every day right here in our nation?

Inside prisons, in ghettos, in poverty stricken areas. In homes.

I will never forget the day I was sitting on a bus in a big city overpass and as I was looking down to the street I see two young men attack and beat an old woman who just walked out of the social security office. As people right there within feet of the situation just stood there and watched.

Who taught us that? Who taught us not to care?

Great societies are judged by the way they treat those that are the lowest on the rungs of life. The disadvantaged and disenfranchised. I am not talking about opportunists, bigots or racism.

I am talking about the fear that was sold to the people of the USA so that they would be more easily manageable as the masters of the universe had their way with us.

Whatever kinds of stories you want to bring up from the past about the dirty deeds of religions. Or who you want to blame for the financial situation in the USA or the world.

Evidently we as people have decided that we want very little to do with the guidance of our lives or even our nation and have become happy with ignoring the damages being done and the people being hurt. I am not talking about burning cars or looting stores. I am talking about us all taking the time to find out whats going on and when help is needed to take the time to help someone other than just ourselves. We are losing our safety, we are losing our nation!

As the 1800's was the century of the UK, the 1900's the century of the USA and since we were too lazy to participate in our own society's activities it looks like the 2000's will belong to China economically.

Why wait for someone to create a job for you? Before the mass industrialization of the 1960's the USA was overwhelmingly entrepreneurial. If you find that the IRS or some other bureaucracy is preventing your ability to do so then talk to the elected officials and get changes made or run for office yourself and implement that necessary changes. The USA is a nation that offers power by mandate, just do it.

That is really the only way we are going to pull the USA out of this downward spiral the incompetent, opportunistic or the lazy have set us in.

Rhetorically, we love to tout our greatness and democracy. While at the same time removing as no longer valuable or important, things like brotherhood and social responsibility.

Who taught us to dislike each other, to not "walk in their shoes for a while before making judgments". Who taught us that monetary gain at any cost regardless of the collateral damage or who we hurt is more valuable than living safe, happy peaceful lives with each other.

Was that the con game so they could change the power of the electorate. Removing or all but blocking out the voices of the people.

Think about it. Do you think that in the 1950's or 60's we would have allowed NAFDA and the resulting jailing of millions of Americans who were left jobless, hopeless and without a sense or personal self worth.

Forcing control of behavior, "YOU MUST BE POLITICALLY CORRECT and OBEDIENT TO THOSE WITH THE BIG WEAPONS", by our bureaucracy to an extent never seen before in the free world. Also resulting in the militarization of our police forces. Making us all enemy combatants.

Hang a hamburger on a stick like a carrot and a hungry person will eat it, leave a hundred dollar bill on a stoop on a city street and someone will take it.

Does that mean they are dangerous criminals or evil? Does that mean they should be attacked by our new masters of psychological warfare and instantly pointed out as evil and guilty?

To be forced to endure a system that is grinding our citizens up daily, ruining lives. Creating a huge subculture by stripping people of all of the human rights we used to be so proud of promoting and enjoying.

I am not talking about people that physically hurt people, I am talking about people that do things at one socio-economic level and are labeled/tattooed enemies while at the same time at a higher socio-economic they are allowed to do damage to our society a million fold and never even are called on to explain their behavior.

I think the old USA would have considered the damage that would be done to millions of our citizens as unacceptable. Which would have discouraged trying to shore it up by trampling our economic system which resulted crazy schemes resulting in things like the economic disaster like 2008.

Why did we ignore the doings of our elected leaders to the extent that they both stripped tens of millions of US people of their feeling of safety and sense of self worth while at the same time eroding our economic system.

Millions of lives have been irreparably damaged.

Not to mention that mean habits and sophisticated manipulation of our judicial system to gain advantage or hurt others seems to have become a norm just like a third world nation.

We need to teach people to treat people like humans again, with respect, dignity and give them back the God given inalienable rights.

This should be considered an outstanding solution.

The irony, as the bleeding of money out of the USA finally set in and cities like Dallas, Texas and Judge Robert Francis have proved. If you offer a person just a chance at getting back some of the human dignity that our current society strips from millions, you will be very surprised at the results.

Watch here: humans treating people like humans complete with their inalienable God given rights!: http://www.hulu.com/watch/335492

Read more Here  Here  and Here

The USA is a great nation, the people of the USA are great people. But have the pimps of our society pressed us so deeply into an abyss of hating and abusing each other for profit that we may never recover and are headed for 3rd world status or zombie land.

In many courts even the dictates that control the behavior and options of sitting judges hamper or limit their ability to bring humanity back into our court system.

Not to mention that they must also deal with dirty rotten pieces of shit and the evil machinations that they use to manipulate the court system for personal or financial gain.

Maybe it's time to realize the fact that we as a society create our crimes and the people who do them.

Very few people incarcerated would do it again or would have done what they did if they had options!

Yet we still create the cloud of hate and pain calling the organizations things like Department of Corrections, Criminal Justice, (what justice), or Criminal Investigations focusing on the result of the problem instead of dealing with the crimes and the root issues and causes of crime. Because millions of people chasing the other millions and beating on them with a stick is getting us nowhere.

And face the fact that it is the errors in our society that allow and promote the creation of criminals. Or that it is a result of mis-management by our leaders.

Whatever the case there are so many miserable people that we have created a downward spiral of human hate and destruction. Because It's Easier!

Maybe we need to apply some of our abundance of talent toward actually changing our society for the better rather than just use those words to win elections or trick people into sending you money.

What is my reference? I spent years meeting these monsters to try and figure out what makes them want to hurt others and to find out if they have a soul at all.

God Bless and Good Luck

Michael Banker

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