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Three Cheers for Pope Francis
A hero for the modern world.

As I read through the articles about the discomfort being caused by Pope Francis trying to move the church forward.

I am wondering if some of those that are being swayed from the constant driving of nails into the box that holds their perception of the old dogma have forgotten that to be a great leader especially religious leader one must remove the human ego and hopefully replace it with the one that has direct contact with the holy spirit, truth, justice and mutual caring.

Otherwise they will be left to bicker at a level much lower than the level God offers us to communicate at if we sincerely love God and all of humanity instead of loving ourselves and our own personal egos.

Jesus reminded us many times to stay aware of the truth and to never stand too long in one spot so that we don't, so to speak, mold and mildew. To grow our human wisdom and keep it private until needed so we are not mistaken for opportunists serving ourselves by tricking or manipulating those that have yet learned to learn but are reactors to the clever words of those lazy opportunists that seldom have the time or the desire to actually work through the problems that arise with change or evolvement.

The new situations that have arrived with the modern world can't in many instances ever be navigated with the ways that were written when people wandered around the desert or lived in very small communities. Unless they are saying that we need to sacrifice our dog or cat to God by burning it in the back yard BBQ pit.

There is a reason that the Catholic Church is so big, there is a reason that the Catholic women are the most satisfied and have the most enduring and enriching relationships (as per pew research) and that brotherhood between Catholics is widespread and enduring. They feel safe!

Aside from the fact that loving and being loved is a fundamental human need. The first step to fulfillment is to be willing to serve others and to realize that we all belong to and are a part of God.

Another thing I have noticed is that they include in everything that we are all individuals under God and must develop our own personal relationship with God. The church always available for guidance, clarification or refuge. But seldom do they dictate human behavior or political correctness as a norm and they have been a place offering safety and peace for all peoples for centuries.

The world needs brotherhood and it wasn't that long ago that brotherhood and mutual caring played a huge role in the daily lives of millions of people.

Then the moneychangers decided that the laws, common law, needed to be sidetracked and laws of commerce be used to manage the fantastic growth and capabilities of the people of the United States which had become more obvious as a result of our almost complete national retooling for the 2nd world war.

Administering a nation by the laws of commerce has taken it's toll in almost every aspect of life in the USA, almost everything has been monetized. Attempting to replace the Holy Spirit which runs through us all with souls of money or lives that are lived with just a hint of brotherhood, social responsibility and mutual caring.

The United States is a prime example where we can see some results.

1. Huge amounts of money are funneled out of the economic system into organizations that don't participate in the basic economic cycles that facilitate safe and happy lives for all of humanity, the public good. Money doesn't rot, where is it going, why isn't it available for use as a tool for exchange and commerce?

2. For expedience it seems that the accused of crimes or bad behavior are psychologically beaten down as if guilty long before trials.

3. In some areas cities and towns are confiscating property, cars, houses etc. from private citizens based on accusations long before conviction.

4. As a result of the national financial burdens being shifted onto the small business people you now hear phrases like "They need to create jobs for us". Instead of "I will start a business and help by serving others and maybe create some jobs."

5. And everyone already knows we are number one in incarceration in the world.


The changes I am seeing with the Catholic Church are like a blossoming.

Knowing that we all belong to God and that God is in all of us. Nudging things a bit to allow for more people to enjoy the safety of their beliefs and building bridges to facilitate more cohesion among all peoples of all human behaviors.

Thank You Pope Francis, The Catholic Church for clarifying that you do live meek to God and that you are careful to not be subjugated by the macinations of the moneychangers and their opportunists who seek to spread divisiveness and a kind of soullessness all around.

God Bless

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