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Hate - what is it?

Excuse me for this but before I start my rant I would like to tell you about a very important development that happened this week.


Because it is directly related to some of the things in this article.

This week millions of people lost millions of dollars as a result of what to me seems like extortion (of course I am not professionally indoctrinated or educated so forgive me for my ignorance)... Anyway it seems that Comcast was demanding money from Netflix to allow the streaming of movies to Netflix customers in a way that the movies could actually be enjoyed by the millions of people that use Netflix. It seems that Netflix complained resulting in somehow millions of investors selling their stock and causing huge losses all across the globe. Why is that important besides the fact that if you type "hate comcast or comcast sucks" into a search engine you will probably figure out why they changed the name of their Internet service provider division.

Because and please don't get me wrong, Comcast has some seriously magnificent overachievers working for them. They have built a very impressive company. But, myself being one that received invoices from Comcast to the tune of thousands of dollars for services not rendered. I suspect that if Comcast gets their way we will be paying $1 for every email we want to send.

But, wait: I was wrong. Comcast says on their website click hereThat they love us and are protecting us "Net Neutrality...Comcast is the only Internet service provider in America bound by full Net Neutrality rules, ensuring an open Internet and protecting customers. Comcast's transaction with Time Warner Cable will bring Net Neutrality protection to millions of new customers across the country."

Doesn't that make you feel all warm, fuzzy and safe?

Why is that important? Because the Internet must be free for all mankind. If we look back at the parting of the ways between people like Henry Ford who complained that the "money trust" of Mr. Rockefeller and JP Morgan was doing us wrong. Or of Andrew Carnegie who at the end thought the opposite of selling ignorance for the sake of control and profit by building free public libraries all across the USA.

We must pay close attention to the cleverness and trickery of those who seek money just for the sake of money without any social responsibility included in their decisions. The collateral damage of this weeks games to millions of people must not be ignored. Especially where the future of the Internet is involved. bla bla nuff said.

Please help keep the Interent free and open for all mankind.

Moral of the story: Comcast is one of the most impressive companies in the world. Like with many companies in the new technologies world the excitement and production of their sales and marketing people outpaced the development of their customer service divisions. As far as the meanness of the way they are dealing with Netflix, that could be just an example of the dog eat dog mentality that was sold in the USA since the 1950's as the way we want to treat each other.

Now..Let's talk about the real abomination!

The thing that has led the human race to the brink of extinction.


What is hate?

Have you ever stubbed your toe? Or someone ate your pie from the fridge, maybe you forgot to pay the electric bill.

You feel disgruntled, upset, angry or mad?

Those examples are pretty much passive except mad, mad is short for madness or a mental illness, like mad dogs foaming at the mouth.

Let's remember that in the Christian Bible we are offered a choice to serve God or serve Mammon. Serving God we choose to serve, protect and preserve everything. To serve Mammon we are serving baubles, things and/or zero's on a piece of paper with little regard for our family, friends, society, nation or planet.

Isn't it obvious that hate is a choice or option learned or offered by a person's environment or built by years of injustice, hate is based in irrational behavior and usually always ends up with very poor results, other than injustice it is born of laziness or ignorance sometimes passed on through generations.

Lots of hate is created by abuse of power and authority or fear like the king or queen demanding domination, removed the words "To God" from the saying "The meek shall inherit the earth", "The meek to God shall inherit the earth".

That demand of obedience didn't work out so well in the long run. One of the results of cutting the public out of the decision making process is climate change which is a real threat and we did cause it.

Now that we are facing the results of the widespread hate that was started as a tool of indoctrination of millions for domination, control or management.

Maybe it's time to sell love, brotherhood and kindness instead of hate, loathing, greed and selfishness.

Hate is not only a waste of time and energy but it is still used by tyrants and all other sorts of liars, cheats and thieves as a way to manipulate others, get money or gain an advantage.

The irony of hate is it's kinship to greed and the games of the moneychangers.

Who in their resulting mental illness have put money ahead of life itself and promoted the money game to the extent that even many religious organizations have forgotten why they really exist, manipulating peoples need for love and brotherhood into something for their own financial gain or advantage. Are they Churches designed to help mankind by ushering people to the love and kindness that lays in each one of our hearts or are they Burches, organizations designed to collect wealth like businesses of the moneychangers without any regard to life, brotherhood or heart.

Wars are based on hate, very profitable for many and death to many millions. As the Internet is bringing the world closer together and the younger generations seem to have more love and brotherhood. We are still having to wait it out for the "dog eat doggers" and the prima donnas to pass through time and we are still constantly challenged by the monsters that want to control our existence for their profit by doing things like controlling communication between humans, cities, states and nations.

The push from the 1980's to "run the government like a business" seems to have failed us. From high level government officials making hundreds of millions of dollars from war to makers of foods and drugs deciding who is going to run the FDA and USDA who have allowed things like the selling of dangerous pestisides that hurt us all and have been outlawed in almost all other nations in the world. To allowing food additives that are obviously and undeniably dangerous to us all to be used as food additives. All in the name of GREED.

Monkey see monkey do or it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

If we treat people like animals they will become animals. There is really no one to blame until now, the changes to our society came on us so fast while at the same time the military industrial complex was demanding the money we needed to run our cities and towns. Now that we know and have the resources to work on these issues it's time to stop treating people like animals. incarceration in the usa

or: Washington's Secret Slave Labor Ring: Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

We created it and allowed it ourselves, for instance.

Some very sad tricks were played on the USA by the money monsters in the last decades.

The Military Industrial Complex sucked trillions from our economy while NAFDA removed jobs and a sense of personal self worth from millions.

And at the same time letting the money monsters sidestep the work we were doing here with the EPA to insure a cleaner planet and to protect future generations.

Their result, a lot of social problems, mostly ignored in the planning stages, but at the least it seems resulted in some loss in local revenue.

In their greatness, to shore things up financially, they decided that a great way to raise money for the cities, towns etc. was to make income from courts.

Lowing the bar on many laws, teaching aggressiveness against us their proletariat, and filling the courts.

Proletariat, an interesting word, just as I looked it up to be sure, a blurb under the definition said the proletariat was the lowest class in Rome...before the fall. Isn't that interesting. As the USA is tricked into the bullshit of imperialism, (ignoring even the wisdom of our constitution...a limited military for defense only) that all but destroyed Rome and the British Empire, we have created, as they did, a proletariat class to wash our windows, fix our cars and homes, make our food etcetera but not worthy of actually participating in the leadership of our nation anymore. Because a self chosen few have invented a barrage of clever tricks to control us and keep us silent on the hamster wheel of survival.

At the same time sucking the hugest portion of our public funds away from making sure that everyone in our nation has a right to a pursuit of happiness. So that the Military Industrial Complex can have it's way and our money. Resulting in millions becoming without ways to make a living and creating an avalanche of social problems for most cities and towns that was overwhelming.

Much of it seemed to start soon after NAFDA and the results were not good at all.

From things like making the parents of all children buy their books for public school to

to realities like the cost of one bomb would pay for an elementary school lunch program for 5 years to:

All of this while we have millions of people willing to help but the leaders opted for the Three card Monte and cutting us out of the decision making process. An easier solution, just control the media and information, lie to the public, creating ignorance and beat them down with fear and a designed struggle that pits us against each other instead of the brotherhood that built our nation.

The results, creating more hate:

1. The creation of a huge financial black market and millions of people that no longer participate in due process, voting, paying taxes etc. Scrambling for survival under the radar.

2. QUALITY of LIFE: domestic violence is rising and suicide is in the top ten as causes of death in the USA.    see chart

While at the same time, as a result of the short sightedness of our Washington leaders. Clever people that figured out ways to manipulate the markets for personal gain removed billions of dollars as, in hording, from our economic system. Money that in no way shape of form will they ever get near to needing or spending.

Sorry it was so long. But, on a final note, and I am bipartisan.

For all of those that complain about the Obama presidency, at least it is not filled with cabinet members that will leave office with hundreds of millions of dollars gained as a result of putting us to war.

Let's remember that in the Christian Bible we are offered a choice to serve God or serve Mammon. Serving God we choose to serve, protect and preserve everything. To serve Mammon we are serving baubles, things and/or zero's on a piece of paper with little regard for our family, friends, society, nation or planet. That "IS" hate.

Incarceration: an alternative

Are we civilized yet? The rate of recidivism is totally unacceptable, is this really the kind of society we want?

Do I have millions of dollars to set up simulated programs to see the results of this or that action? No But what I do know is that the ones I read about seem to be leaving out brotherhood, heart and are greatly underestimating the power of positive energy, god and justice.

As we know, or ignore, for the many people who are more interested in what Charlotte Lucas typed into face book rather than deal with the real and important issues we are facing.

Why was it her that had to do all kinds of apologies rather than the executives in the banking industry who with their pals in the congress and senate caused millions of people to be homeless. Where is their written apology?

Or where is the apology of the people in power that made hundreds of millions of dollars creating war and causing deaths.

I will apologize to Charlotte Lucas for all those people who have nothing better to do than to lambast someone for what they say of Facebook, where anyone that spneds even a small amount of time there knows that all kinds of people say all kinds of things.

It is a shame that this is the kind of nation we have become.

Spending time and resources worrying about what someone says on Facebook rather than deal with issues where people are actually being harmed daily.

The destruction to our society as a result of the monkey see monkey do judicial systems decision to solve problems by incarcerating people is quietly looming.

Treating people like units or animals has been going on long enough that we already have a huge subculture that distrust "OUR" governemnt as a result of not looking for alternatives to incarceration which seldom helps anyone and was intentionally designed to remove dangerous people from our dialy lives. Most of the people that we have incarcerated are not dangerous.

Are we just taking the easy way out, rather than take the time to design modern ways to deal with these modern problems.

It is huge when you consider that we are stripping a millions of our citizens the human right to even fairly make a living as a result of an archaic system. That is the rule of law, while on the other hand the business side or our society, the workers, the achievers, corporate America has seen the reality and now there is a huge list of corporations that will hire felons because so many of them have also been abused by the overwhelmed system we now use.

And because we now realize that the results do not equal the crime and or the real reasons for the actions taken by the individual accused have been ignored because it is a huge and challenging issue.

Better to just put the problem in a cage for a while.

Of course we will have to overcome those that resist any change at all until it affects their life but so be it, few great things are easy.

I have been thinking about this issue for a long time. One of the solutions I came up with in the past is that anyone involved with putting people in cages should as a part of their training have to spend a day or two in a cage themselves.

Now before you start a rant about this consider that from the judges themselves, the ones that actually think, to the police officers who have a high rate of suicide, I presume, as a result of their participation in this matter.

Attacking citizens with this huge people grinding machine for even the smallest attempt at sometimes just non conformity. Using police forces as a tool of civil manipulation like we are all playing the game monopoly.

These are real lives folks, and I am not talking about murderers etc. I am talking about people whose lives are damaged because of clever tricks by the mean people who use the court system as part of their trickery to cheat people or gain advantage. Or by the fact that our nation is ruled by the Uniform Commercial Code rather than common law where we were forced to care about each other and drill down to the root issues while at the same time making sure that all of humanity has a fair and honest opportunity to a pursuit of happiness.

"The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC or the Code), first published in 1952, is one of a number of uniform acts that have been promulgated in conjunction with efforts to harmonize the law of sales and other commercial transactions in all 50 states within the United States of America."

Why do we no longer care why they think had to lie cheat or steal. Because the results point to the fact that we no longer care about people as people, we treat those who don't conform as some kind of unit and if we can, we just scoop them up and put them in a cage.

This is just one issue that we can easily deal with considering the cool new tools we have like instant global communication and collection of mass amounts of information which empowers us to make better decisions regarding the quality of life of us all and what we are leaving future generations.

If you want to spend your time sitting around bickering about the uneasiness of change thats tough because we must stop hurting each other out of laziness, selfishness, envy, greed or just to gain an advantage or selfish one-upmanship. Too many people bought into that old dogma of "dog eat dog" world which was a trick in itself, but we do have a choice.

And please, let's not spend our time looking for someone to blame. Let's just look at this issue as:

Ok, this is what it is and this is what we can do about it.

This is an overview of how it could work. Including pointing at the financial savings not to mention the saving of souls and curbing all of the negative we are creating with our current system.

1. There are hundreds of thousands of life coaches in our country alone.
2. We have electronic monitoring systems in place to monitor each case so we can see to it that real enemies of the people like rapists and murders don't slip through our fingers.

One life coach can handle maybe 10 cases, physically monitoring the accused is easy, finding the root problem and helping people readjust is the challange. Many life coaches are already trained for that so all we have to do is make sure we get feedback about the lifecoaches from those they are working with.

It seems to me the two most important aspects of it would be to teach and make it clear to the accused/offender that it is their responsibility to learn what the life coach is teaching them, make sure they have a commitment. And to make sure that we vet the life coaches to be sure that they themselves live lives of fairness, wholesomeness and integrity. So we don't cut a bunch of ego maniacs loose in control of people who have already given up and broke our rules be it out of desperation or whatever.

The benefits would be huge both financially and sociologically trimming the growth of the us against them mentality that is doing so much destruction and leading us straight toward either making human beings zombies or Armageddon.

Let's start finding out what the root problems are and start dealing with them instead of thinking that someone else will fix it. Guess what...they won't. We must do it.

Michael Banker

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