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Introducing the AFM's - Anything for Money

At some point we need to face the fact that the real quest in life is LIFE, living life, enjoying life, sharing life...and not money, money is a tool for the exchange of products or services. We, most or many have been tricked into focusing our existence on money and not life.

Now that we know the ignorant masses are no longer that ignorant.

And now that for the first time in history we have the people power, the technology and resources to look at where mankind is and where we need to point it rather than sit stuck in a rut waiting for the lazy, incompetent or the AFM's to lead us toward more destruction.

Every morning for almost 50 years I have sought out to watch a school bus to remind me to consider what kind of world are we leaving our children. As we teach them about justice, honor, integrity, kindness, fairness and cooperation.

We seem to be allowing a few to trick us into becoming comfortable with leaving the young not with a normal set of problems and situations to be dealt with but we have added a host of issues that were born of just plain old greed or laziness.

I feel blessed because now that I am old enough to see the results and the causes so that maybe my small voice can offer a perspective that will help or at the least spark the young into action toward justice and mutual caring for all.

Including those that have all but given up because the AFM's have tricked us all into situations that force them to be part of something that makes them, at the least, very uncomfortable.

Most people do not realize that justice and mutual caring was at the center of what made the USA the nation it was before things went haywire and we decided as a nation, or they made us think so, and we started showing live action murder and mayhem on TV as far back as Vietnam.

Before we talk about the failure of trying to suppress states rights and funnel all power to the federal government like in the 1960's and 1970's, maybe because it was strategically easier to control 535 people in Washington DC. than it would have been or would be to control 50 separate statehouses.

Let's take a look at a small aspect of it all that we seem to leave out. Gregariousness, the nature of the human brain to follow as a result of the fact that for its own survival it naturally seeks the path of least resistance. IE: an old saying "We become who we rub elbows with".

Like it or not the human brain acclimates itself to its surroundings. Meaning we can put the nicest and kindest person in positions of high power and they may at some point forget the niceness and become morally bankrupt should their surroundings be dominated with morally bankrupt machinators.

Anyway, What if our path was peace?

Is it as simple as the reason we or they choose war is that those that hold the notes made loans to incompetent companies that are only tooled for war. Which doesn't make much sense from a business standpoint since there really is no long term ROI in war.

While at the same time we ignore very important things like:

1. One solar flare will cause the deaths of hundreds of millions of people worldwide. And for the cost of one bomber we could shield all of the grids in North America and maybe the world.

2. The growing problem of Macular degeneration, meaning we become blind, could be caused by damage to the ozone layer.

3. The increases in Autism and Alzheimer's is through the roof, Alzheimer's was not even a disease until the last 30 years or so.

4. We have created obesity.

5. We have advanced much further than we admit or are acting like yet we are still held in check by the noisy and ignorant, (meaning they just don't know yet or are not comprehending), or a few who were basically lied to by middle management and now we are all being led astray.

6. Bureaucracies that have bad information or are in self preservation mode are almost declaring themselves the "higher power". Agreeing to dumb down entire societies until they catch up!

7. Rather than take the time to pinpoint societal flaws and solve the rudimentary problems. We are now still, just like 2000 years ago, putting people into cages, but now instead of just putting dangerous and lethal people in cages we put people that we don't like, people that refuse to conform to our reality, people that just piss us off or people that just do not conform, into cages.

8. When will we admit that since corporate governance, as designed now, is psychopathic, seek and destroy, guidelines/laws could it be contributing to the fact that many corporate and bureaucratic environments and the effects they have on our society have become corrosive and corrupt. Which is why the annual report sent to Aunt Martha about her investments never states that they use humans as guinea pigs or that they make weapons that kill innocent people or that they sue and ruin farmers that refuse to participate in feeding people genetically altered food.

Or that the United States is the only country that allows sale for human consumption or use product A, B, C, D etc. and that most countries in the world have made (for the safety of their people) doing so illegal.

Because Aunt Martha may consider the money she makes from their stock blood money and she will sell out and get out.

9. Corporations and bureaucracies are making huge broad based decisions for the people of the United States without their input.

Have we past the point, because they had no idea where we would end up, to be civilized to each other and completely cooperate through all situations. Instead of continuing to be taken advantage of by the AFM's.

Is that what we really want the United States to be known for or do we want what is now expanding, things like the 16 year old jumps up in class and asks the teacher why they are lying to the class.

At some point we must begin to contemplate peace and the preservation of our people, species and home...our planet.

Free Enterprise works, it served us well all the way until the huge corporations and bureaucracies took control in the 1960's and 70's.

Why don't we set free enterprise loose again, unburden it from the heaps of bureaucracy that has dragged it into the mud.

Flat tax really is better, would save billions.

Or if you want change "human cage filling" or judicial reform why not consider what may happen if you empower a group of people to solve that problem, a group that has not been indoctrinated into it nor have any financial interest in the outcome. A group of people not hooked into our bureaucracies that could shoot down any and all aspects that the bureaucracy may try to interject for their advantage.

The primary benefit to you sir would be that you could see the job completed before you pass of old age.

Be Peace

Good Luck

God Bless

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Michael Banker

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