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Peace is Better - America Gets Punked 2

When America Changed

Feb 26, 2015 Peace is Better

"Sorry for the fragmented or unprofessional writing. I punch these out between activities to survive, just like everyone else."

Before we can move forward isn't it important to remember where we have been?

One of the quests in my life was to try and dig through the lies and misinformation dealt out to us via newspapers and other types of media and find out when the USA had changed from what it was in the 1950's when we were all friendly to each other and only 20 years later in the 1970's when it seemed we were becoming opponents, beginning to disregard life, friendships and even family ties to replace it with divisions of every type and size.

I remember in the early to mid 1970's when many of the people that had high paying corporate jobs at the national level could be heard saying, "I don't know, the USA is changing and everyone is just going crazy".

I was only about 20 then and there was definitely a difference since even just 10 years earlier. When I was a boy we could do this or that and get paid this or that without the feeling of a half a dozen people with their hands in our pockets to remove what we had earned either by legislation or taxation. Also was the way people were treating each other, dog eat dog from the caveman days was becoming the mainstay over mutual caring, national liberty and justice.

Even friends I had grown up with were starting to seem like strangers as everyone slipped into a scarcity mentality and it seemed we were all becoming opponents.

Having just gotten through the healing of my wounds from dealing with corruption in the military I had acquired an interesting new perspective about the USA and was fearful for our people.

Then came the mantra "Let's run our government like a business so things will run better". Citing incompetence's in the government bureaucracy as the problem. Total bullshit. That is a first cousin strategy to creating a "cold war" so a small group of people could steal from us, in the name escalating fear via financial empowerment by our treasury. An exciting new type of snake oil. With, what seemed as the primary goal of being able to get around the checks and balances that had served the USA so well for centuries.

It's 2015 now so let's get on with it. I hope it's not to soon, usually craziness started by nutcases can only be dealt with after the natural death of the initiator of the evil deeds.

Egotism and narcissism, as mental illnesses, with an ability to use public funds for evil deeds makes for an extremely touchy situation. Especially now that looking for people to hate or beat down now equals job security for so many people.

We all knew, or those that had an interest in it knew, that we have since at least 1913 had a shadow government that would manipulate people and situations including handle things like invading or upsetting governments all over the world because they had somehow gotten their hands in the till of our nation treasury and were allowed to be funded with taxpayer or national funds to force other peoples into obedience. Many times just to benefit private individuals or concerns. Much like breaking into a neighbors house, conquering them and forcing them to live how your delusional God complex mental illness thought they should live.

Becoming quite successful at ignoring our system of checks and balances that are necessary to keep a nation strong and safe. For instance, to get us, congress and the Senate, to attack Iraq the war profiteers had lobbyists selling fear to almost hysteria in Washington D.C. Then was the problem that the peasants didn't have weapons so they also had to get money to them so they could get weapons. While on the home front the fear frenzy included having non-high school educated people dressed up in military style uniforms forcibly groping 5 year olds at our airports.

One result besides shifting everything in a backward motion and regressing the evolution of mankind: a tripling and corporatization of our shadow government to the extent that if you invent a new cake baking system or turkey trap they can now swoop in on you, take possession of everything and turn it all over to one of their buddies to profit from all in the name of National "SUCK"urity based on fear mongering by lobbyists.

Another result, allowing laws to be changed so they could feed us small doses of poisons in our foods.

Another result, to steal private property without due process.

Isn't it interesting that on the people side we have masses of capabilities, much still untapped.

But we can do nothing with the permission of organization that has resulted from the shadow government worming it's way into our legitimate government to such a sickening degree that they regularly scheme to make sure our elected officials do not find out the truth!

Choosing mass manipulation, deception, selling fear and control that can only be likened to a schoolyard bully.

While on the other side of the same coin the mentally ill greed monsters that have one billion dollars and want two billing dollars are using the same secretive and manipulative strategies and pathways to prevent financial reform thus keeping us on an archaic pathway that is sure to cause more harm than has yet to ever be seen in this round of humanity.

But, here we are, proof of life. Not yet the zombies in a corner they would like us to be while they finish off the USA with secret deals or open takeovers of things like the Internet that should belong to humanity for the betterment of humanity instead of some kind of rule the world psychosis.

So what is this little humans beings, my conclusion as to when the USA changed.

Yes but first let me give you a small tidbit of information that does matter.

In common law, law that has equal benefit for all of humankind, there is a rule that states "Any contract entered into that has hidden agendas, built in underhanded deception or secret advantage for either party is to be considered null and void upon signing!"

Maybe that is why we are now ruled by maritime law. It was a clever little trick that can be traced to almost every act of divisionism which breeds hate and injustice in our great nation. All the while keeping our eyes trained on one thing while the sneakies are secretly doing something they don't want our input about.

From the attempt to spread guilt and fear, as any tyrant does, via Irish, Italian, German, African or any other slavery which never mentions that many times kings and chiefs sold their own people into slavery or people would voluntarily sign themselves into many years of indentured servitude just to get a boat ride to the USA and a chance at a fair and just life.

To now allowing private armies to attack and murder people in sovereign nations with the protection of the US government. And I do mean government because if many of the things that are being done were ever put to a vote, even after the despicable manipulation of our main stream media's purposeful selling of fear and hate, the people of the USA would vote to stop it all and refocus on things that matter to our personal lives and the futures of our children. When do we get our voice back?

When will we as a society stop letting racial divisionism, to gain an unfair advantage, continue? Why, with the wisdom learned, do people still seek money instead of happy and safe lives in a safe environment?

When will we realize it's that behavior which makes us all puppets on someone's string. One of the biggest disgraces of the USA, in the eyes of the world, is our judicial system and mass incarceration.

What was their answer? Criminal Justice everything, criminal justice everywhere. Kind of like "The Patriot ACT" which really did escalate invasion into our lives and fear into our nation to a totally crazy degree. The shadow government has full access to everything we do now. Email, cell phones, desktops...everything, we are now completely vulnerable to the whims of people we don't even know and never will. Information about our private lives that is being sold worldwide to people who's activities are not curbed in any way shape of form by what we used to call our system of checks and balances.

The field of criminal Justice is great and I have read some very interesting conversations which were born of it. But when will we stop standing on a corner pointing at a crime and jotting it down in a statistical record book and shift to why crimes are happening, why so many in our society are having or deciding to commit crimes to survive or pursue happiness.

And why, so it looks like, do we the great nation of the United States have so many supposed bloodthirsty pieces of crap that we must put millions of people in cages?

It is a failure of us all, of our society in general. While our resource of mass intellect and yearning to help sits idle and ignored and at the same time the financial resources we need here at home are being pissed away forcing other peoples into submission to our mindset.

Of course there were great profits made such as charging our soldiers in the middle east $99.00 to wash a load of clothes in a washing machine. LOL the great USA.

Anyway if you look at the USA before the murder of a legally and popularly elected president on November 22, 1963 because it seems he decided not to kowtow to the whims of the shadow government. And the subsequent lies to us by our government via printed materials and television, regarding that murder. You will notice that the USA jumped tracks and changed direction. For instance, privacy is a human right in Europe but no longer in the USA. War and mongering and media manipulation (fear mongering) in the USA is now almost an art form.

Aside from the reversion of our public education system.

The decision not to immediately tell the people of the United States the who, what and why of the murder of JFK resulted in a distrust of our own government by us the people of the United States. Was it our fault that we elected an independent thinker as president? Not at all, that is what we used to be!

The result of that murder and the subsequent control of the facts was the almost celebration and birth of dog eat dog mentality to include fear becoming a mainstay of life in the USA, fear of each other and fear of our government. While at the same time giving those that wanted to make sure the truth did not come out reason to flex their secretive muscle in the areas of mass control and manipulation of the main stream media and of us the people of the United States.

Almost closing the door to us being able to do what is good for the people of the United States without the permission of the shadow government. Which has now, as it seems, become a corporatized brotherhood set apart from the rest of the doings of us the people.

And at the personal level. Many people seemed to gravitate to a thinking that: what the hell, it's over. Our government isn't even going to tell us who killed our own president. Enter the art of lying, the erosion of integrity and abuse of offices both in the judiciary and legislative arenas. A switching to "No one is in charge so I am going to get mine and that's all."

All because, in what could be one of the greatest systems of government ever know to mankind. In one fell swoop a man who stated "I have been elected by the people of the United States and I am going to serve the people of the United states" was murdered and our own government wouldn't tell us, the people that elected him, who did it and why!

Many people want to correlate it to Nazi Germany and the reign of Hitler. I don't see that when you consider the trillions of dollars in benefit to the Jewish community in the last several decades.

If you want to correlate it to any other time in human history it more closely resembles the Opium Wars of China where foreign governments and institutions conspired to make the people of China drug addicts for profit and held that nation in check and disarray for almost 400 years for monetary gain. Not at all that far fetched when you realize that by our system of government foreign governments and companies can legally lobby, lie to and manipulate our legislators for financial gain maybe even to include the eventual pimping our organizations and the people of the USA just like the people and society of China were economically enslaved during the opium wars.

"Are we civilized yet?"

Are we going to continue to ignore the erosion of both our Judicial and Legislative systems including the lowering of our nation standards and quality of life when even just 50 years ago we were the leader in so many things including liberty, justice and mutual caring on not only a national scale but the human scale of global goodness!

If you consider the fact that as of now almost 80% of goods sold and advertising done is geared to 20% of the people because the other 80% of the people have been financially excluded. You will realize that we all need to begin participating in our local and national affairs and get our voices back.

The answers and solutions are all around us. But we will still have to hurdle or convince those that resist change or those that live in a hard core ultra right mentality of "I've got mine and you aren't getting shit, you aren't changing shit!" Based almost completely on delusions of grandeur, mental illness, fear, greed and selfishness as if they were the only human beings on this planet.

Them and others will thoughtlessly regurgitate reason after reason while totally ignoring the fact that the United States and everything we built was built by the people of the United States for the people of the United States...not just them!

All this while right now people lobby our legislatures to lower the quality of life in these United States by removing regulations or changing laws so they can gain an unfair advantage. Like wild zombie dogs foaming at the mouth with absolutely no regard to the well being of our nation or the world.

That my friends is how we let our greatness slip away. While at the same time ending up with tens or hundreds of millions of people that couldn't survive should their paycheck end for 30 days or for some even two weeks. We have been bled down to what could be described as "mere existence".

By greedy selfish monsters, not just monsters but now it seems groups of monsters or incompetent egotists who have all but erased the guidelines that are required to have liberty, justice, a great nation a great society and a great world.

Making in 2015 character assassination and slander two main ingredients of progress!

We seem to have went backwards.

Be Peace

Good Luck

God Bless

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