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Warning - Disobedience

The Planet, Earth is Rebelling!

May 22, 2015

Millions of people are perplexed.

our disobedient planet

As the nature of our planet begins to disobediently rebel against abuse.

Resulting in what is to us inconvenient [sic] weather changes.

Many people are perplexed.

They cannot figure out how to seize its assets.

They cannot figure out how to pull up behind the earth with noise and flashing lights to cause it fear and desperation.

They cannot figure out how to send a swat team to break up the garden of earth and take possession of it.

They cannot figure out how to shackle the planet and start the exercise of stripping it of its dignity.

They cannot figure out how to drag it into a place to experience psychological warfare of presumed guilty then put it in a cage.

They cannot figure out how to demand money if it wants out of the cage for a short while.

They cannot figure out how to scour all of its bank accounts and find mistakes in behavior so they can seize it.

They cannot figure out how to tap its phone or monitor all of its Internet activity.

They cannot figure out how to make it sit in a room with a bunch of strangers who will dictate its future.

They cannot figure out what to do with the unruliness of our garden, our home, our natural planet.

Maybe it's time we quit thinking that we are God.

Maybe it's time to think about an old lifestyle of cooperation and mutual caring.

Because the earth will win.

Be Peace

Good Luck

God Bless

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Michael Banker


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